EBSN2019: Electron Beam Spectroscopy for Nanophotonics 2019
16-18 September 2019, Laboratoire de Physique des Solides (LPS), Orsay, France


Invited Speakers

List of confirmed invited speakers:


High brightness ultrafast Transmission Electron Microscope based on a laser-driven cold field emission source: development and application to nanospectroscopy - Abstract

Arnaud Arbouet - CNRS, France


Patterning the electron wavefunction to achieve control of matter down to the nucleus - Abstract

Fabrizio Carbone - EPFL, Switzerland


The Light Years: Combined optical and environmental electron microscopy to visualize dynamic photochemical processes with atomic-scale resolution - Abstract

Jennifer Dionne - Stanford university, USA


Elucidating the mechanisms of phase transitions in semiconducting nanostructures
via low-exposure, dynamical, in situ cathodoluminescence - Abstract

Naomi Ginsberg - Berkeley, USA


Design of a 10keV Multi-pass Microscope - Abstract

Thomas Juffmann - MFPL, Austria


Ultrastrong Coupling of Free Electrons in the Ultrafast Transmission Electron Microscope - Abstract

Ido Kaminer - Technion, Israel


Creating contrast in electron microscopy using the quantum Zeno effect - Abstract

Pieter Kruit - TU Delft, The Netherlands


Phonon Scattering Mapping and Temperature Measurement in Nanostructures - Abstract

Maureen Lagos  - Mc Master University, Canada


Ponderomotive femtosecond laser manipulation of the free electron wavefunction - Abstract

Jom Luiten - TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands


Probing Plasmons Using Structured Electrons - Abstract

Ben McMorran - University of Oregon, USA


Laser-based phase contrast and coherent manipulation of electrons - Abstract

Holger Muller - Berkeley, USA


Phonon Spectroscopy at Atomic Resolution in the STEM - Abstract

Quentin Ramasse - Superstem, UK


Imaging Chiral Near-Fields with Inelastic Electron-Light Scattering - Abstract

Claus Ropers - Göttingen University, Germany


Momentum-Resolved Electron Beam Spectroscopy for Plasmonic Bandgap Materials Abstract

Hikaru Saito - Kyushu university, Japan


Photon-Induced Time Resolved Electron Spectroscopy and Holography with Slow Electrons - Abstract

Nahid Talebi - Max Planck Institute, Germany


Development of a spatial light modulator for electrons - Abstract

Johan Verbeeck - EMAT, Belgium


Making and Using Beams of Electrons in Graphene - Abstract

Arthur Barnard - Stanford, USA




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